Sensitive Pressure Measurment Film Prescale (Datasheet) The problem of measuring pressure and pressure  distribution accurately over an area can easily be solved  with this color changing film. Areas of the film where pressure is applied become red  and the color density varies according to the intensity of  the applied pressure. The density of red allows visual  evaluation of the strength of the pressure.                                                                                                                                                 Software for Prescale (Datasheet) The Pressure Distribution Mapping Software FPD-8010E provides after  scanning the Prescale film a wide range of effective presentation and report  functions, multi-faceted measurement data, 3-D image display. TOPICAL: Measurement Film for Pressure, UV-Light, Heat MODERNE elemat GmbH Raiffeisenstraße 7 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany Telefon: +49-711-753024 Telefax: +49-711-753332 E-mail: Heat Distribution Measurement Film                                                                   Thermoscale 200C (Datasheet) A new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue. Available in a wide range of temperatures (150°C-210°C).  Application: Drying ovens Laminate processes Heath press Perform analysis utilizing FPD-8010E Software Scan Prescale film Aktivated Prescale film NEW! UV Light Amount Distribution Measurement Film UVSALE (Datasheet) The measurement film show the UV light distribution and UV light volume for the wave range from 200 to 420 nm. The film changes colour at a defined exposure to UV light. The evaluation of the energy sector ranges 4 and 10.000 (mJ/cm 2 ).                                                                                                                            Example: Checking the overlapping of UV light sources by UV SCALE.